Service offering

Market Analysis

Example of modules:

  • Market sizing
  • Market trends
  • Value chain mapping

Customer insigths

Example of modules:

  • Purchase behavior
  • Customer segmentation
  • Brand awareness

Comp intelligence

Example of modules:

  • Competitor analysis
  • Partner search
  • Acquisition target research

Sample Cases:

B2C Project Cases


Competitor intelligence with store checks

European luxury group

Quarterly market & competitor intelligence report

Dutch fashion retailer

On-trade consumption analysis

French food & beverage group

Retail store audit

US consumer conglomerate

Millennial consumer study

European sport apparel brand

Site research & selection

US dry cleaning operator

Market entry feasibility study

Canadian leather goods brand

Brand perception study

European apparel retailer

Customer satisfaction & competitor intelligence

European furniture manufacturer

Field study for competitor footprint

US FMCG company

 Customer perception & competitor intelligence

US energy drink brand

Product innovation & customer insight study

Global food company

Price analysis & competitor product mapping

European shoe brand

Customer journey study

Dutch bicycle brand

Customer satisfaction & brand perception survey

Leading cruise line

Partner search & evaluation

Swedish jewelry brand

Traffic count & in-store customer observation

UK supermarket chain

Needs & price sensitivity analysis

Leading language education company

Customer perception & competitor intelligence

US quick service restaurant chain


B2B Project Cases


Acquisition target research

European engineering group

Quarterly market & competitor intelligence report

French facility management group

Market entry research & strategy

UK textile group

Monthly customer satisfaction & NPS survey

Global mining equipment company

Supplier evaluation and price benchmarking

German kitchen appliance manufacturer

Customer mapping & CRM population

Market leading medical device company

Competitor intelligence study

Global logistics company

Asia market opportunity study

Engine cooling system manufacturer

Customer insights & focus groups

Marine engineering company

Trend & technology study

Technology company focused on intelligent home

Supplier price benchmarking study

German compound rubber producer

Material customer application search

Leading producer of engineering steel

Comprehensive market study of India & China

US chemical group

Partner search & evaluation

European law firm

Quarterly market and customer intelligence report

Leading strategy firm with healthcare

Market entry feasibility study

Financial service firm

Market research study

Building material company

Trend analysis & monthly management report

Scandinavian IT group

Customer intelligence & purchase process mapping

German chemical company


SXL has researched a wide range of industry sectors in China and Asia. Through our network of freelancers, industry experts and university students we can assemble research teams that match almost any industry vertical.

SXL has worked with various suppliers to the automotive industry. Products we have researched include brake systems, engine coolers, radiators, fluid systems, acoustics and acoustics, as well as the automotive aftermarket.
Over 25 consumer product categories have been covered by SXL in the past 5 years, including baby products, luxury, electronics, white goods, FMCG, furniture, imported food, beverages and textiles.
Pulp & Paper
SXL has researched both upstream and downstream sectors within pulp & paper in China. From forestry to printing and paper products.
SXL regularly work for some of the largest retailers in China. Typically supporting in field surveys, traffic count, competitor intelligence and site research.
Manufacturing & Engineering
A large portion of our clients fall within this area. A wide range of sectors have been researched such as heavy lifting, elevators, ball bearings, machinery, pumps, rubber compound, packaging solutions, fasteners, separators.
Professional Services
Professional service areas covered include legal, PR, financial services, IT services, film production and creative services.
Media & Entertainment
A broad area where SXL has studies segments such as online and traditional media, printing, amusements parks, golf, fitness, industry publications.
Medical Device & Healthcare
A rapidly growing sector in China where SXL has been involved in researching sectors such as lab equipment, diagnostics, sterilization, critical care and wound care. SXL has a well-developed pool of medical and engineering students that are typically engaged in research assignments for this sector.
Metals & Mining
Segments covered include mining equipment, tunneling systems, iron ore, engineering steel, aluminum, powdered metals.
Transport & Logistics
SXL has access to a pool of master students in supply chain and logistics and we have previously covered segments such as ocean freight and logistic services.
Energy & Cleantech
Most of our research engagement in this area have been focused on clean energy technologies such as wind, hydro and sun power.
Food & Beverage
Sub segments such as coffee shops and QSR, as well as various product categories have been covered.
SXL has covered a wide range of education sectors in China, including language training, higher education, test prep and children education.
Segments covered include specialty chemicals, plastics, hydraulic fluids, coatings. Our research teams for chemistry clients include Master or PhD students within chemistry coupled with business students.